Bite is a creative agency that works with the world’s most progressive brands to launch and grow in the UK.

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With its intimate knowledge of the market, the agency is often the first port of call for those looking to make a significant impact in the UK.

Bite consists of an eclectic team of experts across a wide range of disciplines, from communications to journalism to film production. Thanks to this diverse talent coupled with emerging platforms and mediums, there are more opportunities than ever to get your messages out there. Using insight and technology, the agency delivers fully integrated campaigns to have the desired impact on target audiences.

Bite’s motto is Stop Content Pollution – an apt mantra in today’s saturated world, where we have less time to absorb what we see and feel. It’s all about rethinking, remixing and reusing existing content to find new channels and target untapped audiences.

With its insight, experience and innovative ways of working, Bite is here for brands wanting to really make a mark on a new market.

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