A city to city business welcome

London offers your business the best chance of international success

London & Partners are part of a global network of cities, that are collaborating to help businesses transition and grow from one destination to another.

Our expert team can help your business to set up and grow in London, advising on every aspect of locating and doing business in the city, completely free of charge.

Making landing easy

We understand the process of growing your business to a new destination and want to ensure that your transition to London is seamless by planning personalised itineraries, introducing you to the business community and unlocking London for your business.

Accelerating your growth plans

London & Partners believe in providing businesses with an ecosystem that connects them with high value mentors, investors, corporates and a support structure will help them succeed in growing their business from one destination to another.

From your city to ours you will benefit from a seamless setup in London, accelerated growth and ongoing business support thanks to:

  • A large pool of dedicated, quality mentors with years of experience in training & developing people and growing businesses
  • Access to VC and angel investors able to support and invest in businesses
  • A multitude of resources including access to free or discounted workspace areas

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